Autograph FAQ

Autograph Rules

Everything you need to know about the Isle of Wight Comic Con autograph opportunities are below with an FAQ at the bottom of the page for any further questions you may have.

You can buy autographs direct from the guest's table at the event. Some guests may be busier than others so it is always best to pre-book online to guarantee your slot. Some of our guests are likely to be very very busy.

Autograph Bullet Points!

  • Autographs can be purchased directly from guests at their tables in cash only.
  • Each guest will have a liason to handle payments and ensure the comfort of yourself and the guest.
  • If you pre-booked an autograph these can be redeemed at the guests table with their liason.
  • Pre-booked autograph tickets are non-refundable UNLESS a guest cancels. You then have the option to redeem the ticket against another guest or have the autograph ticket refunded. This does not apply to general entry tickets.
  • On the day only cash will be accepted at the guest's table, you can per-book online using PayPal or Credit/Debit cards.
  • Autograph tickets do not include entry to the event. An entry ticket must be bought separately.
  • If you pre-book online, you will receive an email from Alliance Conventions Store within a few minutes of purchase. This email will contain your order number and the items you have ordered. It is this email that you should PRINT or display on your mobile device at the event.
  • Ensure you put in the correct email before checking out. Make sure that your email can accept emails from, or, check spam messages just in case it has gone there. Your order may come from any one of the aforementioned emails.
  • You MUST PRINT your order email and bring it along with you to the event so it can be redeemed.

Autograph FAQ

What does the autograph come on?
When you approach the guest's table they will have some 8'x10' photographs laid out of various appearances they have made. You can have a meet and greet with the guest and choose which photograph you would like signed. Most of our guests are happy to personalise it to you! Some guests have their own merchandise available to purchase, there is often a deal to have an item of merchandise signed when purchased direct from them.

Can I get an autograph at any time?
Guests will not be at their tables all day so please make sure to read the schedule which will be up on the site soon and on display at the event. 

Can I bring my own items to be signed?
Yes you can but please note that each item you wish to have signed usually counts as one autograph and you will be charged accordingly. Some guests are more than happy to sign more than one of your own items for the one price but please be respectful if that is not the case.

Can I bring my own photographs to be signed?
As above, you will still have to pay per autograph. If the photo shows the guest in an uncompromising position then please refrain from bringing this to the event. If your photograph shows the guest in an adult scenario or state of undress - but this is what they are known for - kindly confirm with the guest liason who will check with the guest to see if that would be okay to have signed. Please respect the guest's decision.

Why do guests charge for an autograph?
Many years ago celebrities used to sign things for their fans for free but with the rise of online marketplaces, a lot of autographs started to command various prices online and to stop certain people profiting from their kindness, almost all celebrities now charge for their autograph. Celebrities also don't come to events for free so please appreciate and respect the fact that for some of them this is a way of making an income.

Where is the autograph area?
A floor plan will be up on the site closer to the time and clearly available on the day to show where guests will be positioned

I have special needs or I am caring for a special needs fan who is getting an autograph, what should I do?
If you need assistance at any time let one of the crew know, we're here to help! Some of our guests will go out of their way to accommodate your requirements.

What about selfies?
You may be allowed a selfie at the guest table ONLY with the purchase of an autograph. This makes it a more comfortable experience for you and the guest. Please be respectful of this rule. There may be the opportunity at the evening after-show parties and at certain Q&As in more intimate surroundings to have a selfie with them. This information will be on the site soon enough.

I have an idea for a pose or something I want the celebrity guest to do in my selfie, what do I do?
We do not guarantee the celebrity guests will be able to fulfill your request or there will be time for special requests but most guests love their fans and are usually more than happy to 'star' in the type of selfie you wish.

I can't make the event but really want an autograph from one of the event guests, what can I do?

We trialed the orders of non-attended autograph sales in the first year and unfortunately it is something that doesn't quite work for the show. Our guests and we prefer for you to meet them face to face and although most other conventions do offer this service Island Con will not. 

However, you can nominate another attendee who know to obtain the autograph from the guest on your behalf.


Any extra ground rules?

  • Please be respectful to the celebrity guests. Any inappropriate behavior will result in your immediate removal from the guest room without refund, and possibly the show itself.
  • Please do not assume you may hug and or kiss the celebrity guests.
  • Please do not hand babies or small children to the celebrity guests.
  • If you would like to give gifts to the celebrity guest then you may do so at their autograph table when they are there and not at any other time. Gifts are things like fan-art, rare items etc.